Twenty minutes after the leukemia diagnosis, the pediatric oncologist came to our room and told us that Rhyan actually had Stage IV Neuroblastoma. The next few days stood still as we tried to pick ourselves up off of the floor from the nightmare that just hit us. On October 16, 2015, Rhyan officially started her fight against neuroblastoma as she began Round 1 of chemotherapy. 

To date, Rhyan has gone through 9 rounds of chemotherapy, a stem cell harvest, 29 rounds of radiation, an abdominal surgery to remove her tumor with the loss of an adrenal gland as well as 9 lymph nodes, 6 rounds of hu3f8 antibody therapy and a brain surgery to remove a relapsed tumor in her brain as well as too many blood/platelet transufsions, shots, pokes, scans/xrays/MRI's to count. 

Rhyan was "in remission" Summer 2016 while she moved on to antibody therapy. After undergoing 6 rounds of that, she relapsed in the brain on Thanksgiving Day, 2016. She is currently receiving treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to once again get her back into remission. 


It was the fall of 2015 and Rhyan Loos was a typical 5-year old little girl getting ready to start kindergarten. Rhyan is the middle child and has always been a very independent, outgoing child that welcomes a new adventure head on. The first few weeks of kindergarten went as we expected, with no hiccups. But then Rhyan started having very bad separation anxiety in the mornings. She hated school and didn't want to go. During this time, her attitude started suffering as well. When she got home from school, she was immediately on the couch taking a nap or complaining of a headache. As her parents, we wracked our brains trying to figure out what was going on with our daughter. We even visited a child psychologist and everyone kept attributing the changes we were seeing to the huge adjustment of starting "real school." Throughout the attitude changes, Rhyan also started limping. It would come as fast as it would go and when we asked if her leg hurt, she always answered NO. So we kept it in the back of our minds and attributed it to growing pains. After a few weeks of things not getting any better, we took her to our pediatrician and asked for an x-ray of her leg. X-rays were taken and we were instructed to go straight to urgent care should she get a fever. That night, she spiked a fever and we went to urgent care where she was poked for a blood draw for the very first time. We were given an initial diagnosis of juvenile arthritis and an appointment was made the very next day with the specialist. After our appointment, Rhyan was admitted to the hospital to make sure the "arthritis" was not septic. While in the hospital, they continued to run various tests and after a few days, we were pulled out into the hallway and were told that Rhyan had leukemia. 

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