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RallyforRhyan donates the money it raises to pediatric cancer research studies. To date, RallyforRhyan has raised over $800,000.00! We have contributed to many different organizations, listed below are examples of two studies that RallyforRhyan helped fund.

Study Name: Phase I Study of Hu3F8 with Donated Natural Killer Cells to Treat Recurrent or Persistent Neuroblastoma

Research Hospital: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Lead Researcher: Dr. Shakeel Modak

Purpose: The goal of this study is to see if it is safe and feasible to give Hu3F8, chemotherapy (cyclophosphamide) and natural killer (NK) cells from a mismatched donor. Patients also receive a treatment celled interleukin-2 (IL-2), which stimulates NK cells to grow and survive. 

Study Name: ALK Phase 1 Clinical Trial

Lead Researcher: Dr. Yael Mosse'

Research Hospital:  Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Purpose: To study the effects of the lung cancer drug Crizotinib on ALK mutations, which is present in Neuroblastoma and Lymphoma genes.  This is a pill designed to zero in on abnormal genes that drive specific cancers. It has produced encouraging early results in children with an uncommon but aggressive type of lymphoma, and in children with a rare form of neuroblastoma.

* donation made in conjunction with Braden's Hope out of Kansas City

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