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We are very open to any and all ideas for new events.  Our only stipulation is that any proceeds from the event must go to pediatric cancer research.  If you have an interest in hosting your own Rally for Rhyan event, please contact Brad or Jen at our email addresses or click the contact link in the "about us" tab above.  

Want to host a new R4R event?

We are so extremely fortunate that so many professional, college, high school and middle school teams from all sports have joined us in our fight against pediatric cancer.  If your team is interested in hosting a Rally for Rhyan night and helping us raise money for pediatric cancer research, we would love to have you join us.  Please contact Brad or Jen and we would be thrilled to help you get started with the process.    

RallyforRhyan Games

Interested in helping Rally for Rhyan with existing events?  We have multiple events already in the works for this year and are always looking for additional help.  Please contact Brad or Jen if you would like to lend a hand.   


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